Sabrane pripoviesti

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Alternate Titles:[1.] sv.
[2.] sv.
[3.] sv.
[5.] sv.
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Format: Book
Published: Zagreb : Matica hrvatska, 1883
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spelling opac-EUL01-0005074682020-07-14T04:21:27ZhrvBookSabrane pripoviestiZagreb : Matica hrvatska18834 dbŠenoa, August (1838-1881)[1.] sv.[2.] sv.[3.] sv.[5.] sv.
format Book
title Sabrane pripoviesti
spellingShingle Sabrane pripoviesti
Šenoa, August (1838-1881)
title_short Sabrane pripoviesti
title_full Sabrane pripoviesti
title_fullStr Sabrane pripoviesti
title_full_unstemmed Sabrane pripoviesti
title_sort sabrane pripoviesti
title_alt [1.] sv.
[2.] sv.
[3.] sv.
[5.] sv.
author Šenoa, August (1838-1881)
author_facet Šenoa, August (1838-1881)
author_sort Šenoa, August (1838-1881)
publisher Zagreb : Matica hrvatska
publishDate 1883
publishDateSort 1883
language Croatian
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*773|[2.] sv.
*773|[3.] sv.
*773|[5.] sv.
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