Colloquiorum familiarum opus.

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Special Collection:antikva
Format: Book
Published: 1562
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id opac-EUL01-000206917
collection antikva
institution B2
spelling Erasmus, Desiderius, Roterodamus 1469?-1536 EUL10000000680 Y
Erasmus von Rotterdam 1469?-1536 EUL10000000680 N
Rotterdami Erasmus 1469?-1536 EUL10000000680 N
Érazm Rotterdamskij 1469?-1536 EUL10000000680 N
Эразм Роттердамский 1469?-1536 EUL10000000680 N
Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
XXXX 1? cm
language Latin
format Book
author Erasmus, Desiderius, (Roterodamus) (1469?-1536)
spellingShingle Erasmus, Desiderius, (Roterodamus) (1469?-1536)
Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
author_facet Erasmus, Desiderius, (Roterodamus) (1469?-1536)
Erasmus von Rotterdam (1469?-1536)
Rotterdami Erasmus (1469?-1536)
Érazm Rotterdamskij (1469?-1536)
Эразм Роттердамский (1469?-1536)
author_variant Erasmus von Rotterdam (1469?-1536)
Rotterdami Erasmus (1469?-1536)
Érazm Rotterdamskij (1469?-1536)
Эразм Роттердамский (1469?-1536)
author_sort Erasmus, Desiderius, Roterodamus 1469?-1536
title Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
title_short Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
title_full Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
title_fullStr Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
title_full_unstemmed Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
title_auth Colloquiorum familiarum opus.
title_sort colloquiorum familiarum opus
publishDate 1562
publishDateSort 1562
physical XXXX ; 1? cm
callnumber-first A - General Works
callnumber-label ANT
callnumber-raw Ant. 5284
Hb 4940 (régi jelzet)
callnumber-search Ant. 5284
Hb 4940 (régi jelzet)
illustrated Not Illustrated
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