Agile and lean concepts for teaching and learning : bringing methodologies from industry to the classroom

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Published: Singapore : Springer Singapore Imprint: Springer, 2019
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245 0 0 |a Agile and lean concepts for teaching and learning  |b bringing methodologies from industry to the classroom  |c edited by David Parsons, Kathryn MacCallum 
250 |a 1st ed. 2019. 
260 |a Singapore  |b Springer Singapore  |b Imprint: Springer  |c 2019 
300 |a XXI, 441 p.  |b 86 ill., 60 ill. színes ; online forrás 
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505 0 |a Introduction: Agile and lean concepts in education -- 1 Introduction: Agile and lean the link to education and learning -- 2 Best practices of agile educational environments -- 3 Agile methodologies in education: A review -- 4 Principles of lean and its impact on education -- Development: Agile and lean for agile and lean programmes of learning -- 5 Agile education: Death to study programs? -- 6 Agile course development: A team based approach -- 7 Leveraging agile methodology to transform the operational culture of a learning and teaching unit -- 8 Experiments with agile in higher-education curriculum creation: Difficult lessons and useful insights for culture and systems change -- Development: Agile and lean for redevelopment of classroom teaching and assessment -- 9 Applying lean learning to software engineering education -- 10 Work-based professional practice learning at the frontier of agile education -- 11 Applying eduSrum -- 12 Agile assessment workflows -- Application: Agile in schools -- 13 Getting agile at school -- 14 Bringing the benefits of agile techniques inside the classroom -- Aspects of agile in improving quality: Tertiary context -- 15 Learning paths and agile goal setting in a flexibly specified course -- 16 Teaching and fostering reflection in software engineering project courses -- 17 Agile evaluation: Stitch in time saves nine -- Application with education: Tertiary case studies -- 18 How agile coaching is applied in educating students in games development -- 19 Lean learning of risks in students' agile teams -- 20 A practical approach in teaching agile principles and techniques at tertiary level using student-centred activities -- 21 Agile lean techniques software development studio -- 22 Optimizing learning outcome through agile teaching -- Teaching agile -- 23 Red-Green-Go! A self-organising game for teaching test-driven development -- 24 Developing a spiral curriculum for teaching agile at National Software Academy -- 
520 |a This book explores the application of agile and lean techniques, originally from the field of software development and manufacturing, to various aspects of education. It covers a broad range of topics, including applying agile teaching and learning techniques in the classroom, incorporating lean thinking in educational workflows, and using team-based approaches to student-centred activities based on agile principles and processes. Demonstrating how agile and lean ideas can concretely be applied to education, the book offers practical guidance on how to apply these ideas in the classroom or lecture hall, as well as new concepts that could spark further research and development. 
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264 1 |a Singapore  |b Springer Singapore  |b Imprint: Springer  |c 2019