Blended learning designs in STEM higher education : putting learning first

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Published: Singapore : Springer Singapore Imprint: Springer, 2019
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245 0 0 |a Blended learning designs in STEM higher education  |b putting learning first  |c edited by Christopher N. Allan, Chris Campbell, Julie Crough 
250 |a 1st ed. 2019. 
260 |a Singapore  |b Springer Singapore  |b Imprint: Springer  |c 2019 
300 |a XVII, 363 p.  |b 59 ill., 49 ill. színes ; online forrás 
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505 0 |a 1 Introduction -- 2 Creating a successful implementation of PebblePad: The university context -- 3 What is the purpose? Using blended learning designs to purposefully focus on student engagement, support and learning -- 3 On the CUSP (a community of usable scholarly practice): A safe space for blended learning and teaching discussion, design and practice -- 4 Stimulating curiosity in STEM higher education: Connecting practices and purposes through ePortfolios -- 5 Creating order from (potential) chaos: Embedding employability with the Griffith Sciences PLUS program -- 6 Embedding employability into an Information Technology curriculum using PebblePad: A practice report -- 7 Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS): Recognising employability through PebblePad -- 8 Embedding employability: A case study using ePortfolios in studio learning and teaching -- 9 ePortfolios: Integrating learning, creating connections and authentic assessments -- 10 Implementing PebblePad into Forensic Chemistry: A whole of program approach -- 11 Challenges of student equity and engagement in a HyFlex course -- 12 Engaging with STEM students: Successes and challenges in course design -- 13 Rethinking flight education: Student use of reflection and video creation to enhance learning -- 14 Supporting the M in STEM using online maths support modules -- 15 The use of PebblePad ePortfolio as a tool for teaching first year engineering -- 16 use of PebblePad to develop scaffolded critical reflection in scientific practice -- 17 Designing rich, evidence-based learning experiences in STEM higher education. 
520 |a This book offers a set of learning principles to support the design of rich learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) higher education, including detailed evaluations and discussions for a variety of science subjects. Further, it presents a professional learning framework that can be used to support the implementation of blended learning technologies to increase buy-in from academic staff, to support grass roots initiatives, to develop a sense of community, and to sustain change. The principles developed here will help readers to think about blended learning from a learner’s perspective, put learning first, and develop activities that will help learners achieve better learning outcomes. In addition, the book addresses how to design rich, evidence-based, blended learning experiences that support learning. It demonstrates a range of learning principles in practice, with step-by-step instructions, and includes templates, supporting material, instructions and other resources to help teachers embed and adapt designs in their own subject. Readers will be equipped with an expanded toolkit of resources, designs, ideas and activities that can be directly applied in a variety of subject areas. 
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