Materials science and technology : A comprehensive treatment

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Alternate Titles:1. Structure of Solids
2.A Characterization of materials Part I
2.B Characterization of materials Part II
3. Electronic and magnetic properties of metals and ceramics
4. Electronic structure and properties of semiconductors
5. Phase transformations in materials
6. Plastic deformation and fracture of materials
7. Constitution and properties of steels
8. Structure and properites of nonferrous alloys
9. Glasses and amorphous materials
10 Nuclear Materials
11. Structure and properties of ceramics
12. Structure and properties of polymers
13. Structure and properties of composites
14. Medical and dental materials
15. Processing of metals and alloys
16. Processing of semiconductors
17. Processing of ceramics
18. Processing of polymers
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Format: Book
Published: Weinheim [etc.] : VCH, 1991
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