Jacob's room

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Format: Book
Published: London [etc.] : Triad Grafton Book, 1989
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institution B2
spelling Woolf, Virginia 1882-1941 EUL10000020101 Y
Jacob's room Virginia Woolf
London [etc.] Triad Grafton Book 1989
172 p. 18 cm
Christine és Marton Jojarth könyvtárából, leltári szám 039439
language German
format Book
author Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941)
spellingShingle Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941)
Jacob's room
author_facet Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941)
author_sort Woolf, Virginia 1882-1941
title Jacob's room
title_short Jacob's room
title_full Jacob's room Virginia Woolf
title_fullStr Jacob's room Virginia Woolf
title_full_unstemmed Jacob's room Virginia Woolf
title_auth Jacob's room
title_sort jacob s room
publishDate 1989
publishDateSort 1989
physical 172 p. ; 18 cm
edition Repr.
isbn 0-586-04445-0
callnumber-raw 039439
callnumber-search 039439
illustrated Not Illustrated
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publisher London [etc.] : Triad Grafton Book
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generalnotes General_Note:Christine és Marton Jojarth könyvtárából, leltári szám 039439