A simple vista

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Format: Book
Published: Madrid : Ediciones SM
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id opac-EUL01-000567438
institution L_104
spelling Aguilera, Carmen
A simple vista Carmen Aguilera
Madrid Ediciones SM [s.a.]
46 p. 21 cm
ELE Serie Lecturas niveladas
language Hungarian
format Book
author Aguilera, Carmen
spellingShingle Aguilera, Carmen
A simple vista
author_facet Aguilera, Carmen
author_sort Aguilera, Carmen
title A simple vista
title_short A simple vista
title_full A simple vista Carmen Aguilera
title_fullStr A simple vista Carmen Aguilera
title_full_unstemmed A simple vista Carmen Aguilera
title_auth A simple vista
title_sort simple vista
physical 46 p. ; 21 cm
isbn 84-348-3497-9
callnumber-raw 19674 AC
callnumber-search 19674 AC
topic TÁMOP
topic_facet TÁMOP
illustrated Not Illustrated
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publisher Madrid : Ediciones SM
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