2/A. köt.

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Special Collection:Manuscript, manuscript translation
Format: Book
Published: [ca 1984]
Related Items:Common title: A Kommunista Internacionálé története (1919-1943): opac-EUL01-000351910
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id opac-EUL01-000351913
recordtype opac
collection Manuscript, manuscript translation
format Book
title 2/A. köt.
spellingShingle 2/A. köt.
title_short 2/A. köt.
title_full 2/A. köt.
title_fullStr 2/A. köt.
title_full_unstemmed 2/A. köt.
title_sort 2/a. köt.
publishDate [ca 1984]
publishDateSort 1984
language Hungarian
physical fol. 461-907.
url http://opac.elte.hu/F?func=direct&doc_number=000351913
institution B2
callnumber-raw Kf389/2
callnumber-search Kf389/2
ctrlnum RK16484
hierarchy_top_id opac-EUL01-000351910
hierarchy_top_title 773|A Kommunista Internacionálé története (1919-1943)
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