The New Cambridge modern history

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Format: Book
Published: Cambridge [Eng.] : University Press, 1957
Related Items:Volume: 14. vol., Atlas: opac-EUL01-000476703
Volume: Companion volume: opac-EUL01-000412079
Volume: Material progress and world-wide problems, 1870-1898: opac-EUL01-000412064
Volume: The American and French Revolutions, 1763-93: opac-EUL01-000412048
Volume: The Era of violence, 1898-1945: opac-EUL01-000412056
Volume: The Reformation, 1520-1559: opac-EUL01-000411966
Volume: The Renaissance, 1493-1520: opac-EUL01-000411960
Volume: The ascendancy of France, 1648-88: opac-EUL01-000412030
Volume: The counter-reformation and price revolution, 1559-1610: opac-EUL01-000411981
Volume: The decline of Spain and the Thirty Years War, 1609-48/59: opac-EUL01-000411984
Volume: The old regime, 1713-63: opac-EUL01-000412043
Volume: The rise of Great Britain and Russia, 1688-1715/25: opac-EUL01-000412036
Volume: The zenith of European power, 1830-70: opac-EUL01-000412053
Volume: War and peace in an age of upheaval, 1793-1830: opac-EUL01-000412051
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