Anusasana Parva : 11. vol.,

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Format: Book
Related Items:Common title: The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipana Vyasa: opac-EUL01-000261691
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id opac-EUL01-000261701
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spelling 11. vol., Anusasana Parva
404 p.
szak: 05/05/
2. ed. 12 db ; Calcutta : Oriental Publishing Co., [s. d.] The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipana Vyasa 261691 Vyāsa 25 cm
language English
format Book
title 11. vol., Anusasana Parva
spellingShingle 11. vol., Anusasana Parva
title_sub 11. vol.,
title_short Anusasana Parva
title_full 11. vol., Anusasana Parva
title_fullStr 11. vol., Anusasana Parva
title_full_unstemmed 11. vol., Anusasana Parva
title_auth Anusasana Parva
title_sort anusasana parva
physical 404 p.
callnumber-raw C12463/h
callnumber-search C12463/h
illustrated Not Illustrated
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