Dalekij kraj : Roman

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Format: Book
Published: Moskva : Sovetskij pisatel', 1965
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spelling opac-EUL01-0001913512020-07-14T03:50:00ZrusBookDalekij kraj : RomanMoskva : Sovetskij pisatel'1965339 p.Zadornov, Nikolaj Pavlovič (1909-1992)http://opac.elte.hu/F?func=direct&doc_number=000191351
format Book
title Dalekij kraj : Roman
spellingShingle Dalekij kraj : Roman
Zadornov, Nikolaj Pavlovič (1909-1992)
title_short Dalekij kraj : Roman
title_full Dalekij kraj : Roman
title_fullStr Dalekij kraj : Roman
title_full_unstemmed Dalekij kraj : Roman
title_sort dalekij kraj : roman
author Zadornov, Nikolaj Pavlovič (1909-1992)
author_facet Zadornov, Nikolaj Pavlovič (1909-1992)
author_sort Zadornov, Nikolaj Pavlovič (1909-1992)
publisher Moskva : Sovetskij pisatel'
publishDate 1965
publishDateSort 1965
language Russian
physical 339 p.
url http://opac.elte.hu/F?func=direct&doc_number=000191351
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