Wavelets and signal processing

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Format: Book
Published: Boston [etc.] : Birkh8user, cop. 2003
Series:Applied and numerical harmonic analysis
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format Book
title Wavelets and signal processing
spellingShingle Wavelets and signal processing
Applied and numerical harmonic analysis
title_short Wavelets and signal processing
title_full Wavelets and signal processing
title_fullStr Wavelets and signal processing
title_full_unstemmed Wavelets and signal processing
title_sort wavelets and signal processing
author_additional Debnath, Lokenath
publisher Boston [etc.] : Birkh8user
publishDate cop. 2003
publishDateSort 2003
series Applied and numerical harmonic analysis
series2 Applied and numerical harmonic analysis
isbn 0-8176-4235-8
language English
physical XXV, 435 p.
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