Es reuet mich!

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Published: [S.l.] : [s.n.], [post 1780 ante 1810]
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spelling opac-EUL01-0001871342020-07-14T03:49:32ZgerGraphicsEs reuet mich![S.l.] : [s.n.][post 1780 ante 1810][1] t.fol.Rámetszett sorszám: XIV p. 68Penzel, Johann Georg [(1754-1809)]Chodowiecki, Daniel Nikolaus (1726-1801) közrem.ális változat:
format Graphics
title Es reuet mich!
spellingShingle Es reuet mich!
Penzel, Johann Georg [(1754-1809)]
title_short Es reuet mich!
title_full Es reuet mich!
title_fullStr Es reuet mich!
title_full_unstemmed Es reuet mich!
title_sort es reuet mich!
author Penzel, Johann Georg [(1754-1809)]
author_facet Penzel, Johann Georg [(1754-1809)]
author_sort Penzel, Johann Georg [(1754-1809)]
author_additional Chodowiecki, Daniel Nikolaus (1726-1801) közrem.
publisher [S.l.] : [s.n.]
publishDate [post 1780 ante 1810]
publishDateSort 1810
language German
physical [1] t.fol.
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generalnotes Rámetszett sorszám: XIV p. 68