Brachiopods past and present

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Format: Book
Published: London : New York : Taylor & Francis, 2001
Series:The systematics association special volume series ; 63
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format Book
title Brachiopods past and present
spellingShingle Brachiopods past and present
The systematics association special volume series ; 63
title_short Brachiopods past and present
title_full Brachiopods past and present
title_fullStr Brachiopods past and present
title_full_unstemmed Brachiopods past and present
title_sort brachiopods past and present
author_additional Brunton, C. Howard C.
Cocks, Leonard Robert Morrison (1938-)
Long, Sarah L.
publisher London : New York : Taylor & Francis
publishDate 2001
publishDateSort 2001
series The systematics association special volume series ; 63
series2 The Systematics Association special volume series
isbn 0-748-40921-1
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