Tibet Past and Present

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Format: Book
Published: Delhi : MLBD, 2000
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spelling opac-EUL01-0001224802020-07-14T03:44:32Z81-208-1048-1engBookTibet Past and PresentDelhi : MLBD2000XIV,326 p., 49 t.Bell, Charles (1870-1945)http://opac.elte.hu/F?func=direct&doc_number=000122480
format Book
title Tibet Past and Present
spellingShingle Tibet Past and Present
Bell, Charles (1870-1945)
title_short Tibet Past and Present
title_full Tibet Past and Present
title_fullStr Tibet Past and Present
title_full_unstemmed Tibet Past and Present
title_sort tibet past and present
author Bell, Charles (1870-1945)
author_facet Bell, Charles (1870-1945)
author_sort Bell, Charles (1870-1945)
publisher Delhi : MLBD
publishDate 2000
publishDateSort 2000
isbn 81-208-1048-1
language English
physical XIV,326 p., 49 t.
url http://opac.elte.hu/F?func=direct&doc_number=000122480
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